Sunday, April 14, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt #1

 On Friday, March 29th our good friend Dawn planned an Easter Egg hunt at Hereth Park for our Mom's Group friends. We went to one two years ago. The girls are a bit different now than they were then. What a difference two years makes!

Showing off their baskets. Yes, that is a Halloween shirt that Etta has on for the Easter Egg hunt. But I wanted them to be very visible. And they ended up matching. Win-win all around.

Tried to get a better picture with both of them looking at the camera. Mae was done with posing.

She was on a mission to find eggs.

Pretty much a game of me and my shadow.

They are getting along fairly well. Um, except for the hair pulling, pinching and punching. But, really, they love each other and are always pretty much want to be together.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The End

After almost 6 years, 824 posts, and 19,311 page views later I am out of room to store pictures on this blog. (Apparently...) So I have started a new blog. If you would like to continue to follow our adventures please add: to your bookmarks - or however it is that you follow this blog. I will be updating it over the course of the next month. (Have to get those Lilypie Tickers on the new site...and everything else that I follow, etc.) I will do it as quickly as possible, but am not super fast at these things. Thanks for stopping by and updating your info!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New Favorite Thing

Etta & Mae LOVE Charlie Brown and Snoopy. As in, we have to read them Peanuts (in the paper) two or three times every day. Last Christmas we got Etta the boxed set of Peanuts holiday classics. She would watch them every day if she could. When we have an easy evening we'll eat an early dinner, get the kids bathed and in jammies, make some popcorn and let them enjoy. So. Much. Fun.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Family Tradition

This year, like last year, we went down to Locomotive Park to decorate a couple of trees. We again only went one Saturday, but everyone did come down. It went pretty well and we enjoyed donuts and hot chocolate when we were finished with our two trees.
Giving the tree some pre-decorating loving.
Red tree: Complete!
White tree: complete!
The Girls, on the other hand, went down 3 FULL Saturdays (9:00am-2:00pm) to volunteer their time and talent to decorate the park. So proud of them!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Big Sisters

Etta & Mae (and The Girls) came with Bob & I to the ultrasound. I wanted to get a picture of them in their big sister shirts. This was as good as it was going to get. [I think that they are both going to belong to Mae though. Etta was two when Mae was born, so her shirts are a little small for her.] The ultra sound tech was a little taken aback when our 6 person circus entered the room. Mae barely lasted a minute though before Rachel had to take her out in the hall. Etta hung on, silently, until we found out it was a boy. Then she just kept saying, "A brother! I'm going to have a brother!" I'm glad that they could be there though. [106 days to go!]

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Mae picked her clothes. If you look closely it is flip flops, green flannel Thomas the Train pj pants, a pink fleece pj top covered by a pink Minnie Mouse hoodie. Nice.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fire Safety and Halloween

On Halloween day Beacon had their chance to watch the fire safety assembly put on by the local fire department. Etta wore her full fire fighter outfit. A lot of people thought it was her costume. Nope. Just a day in the life of Etta.

Her actual costume was (in her words) "an evil soldier". It was based on something she found in her Bible. Aunt Molly found this one online and had it sent. I think it was from The Titans or something. I'm not sure. Thanks Aunt Molly!
Mae was a monkey. And a cute one at that. This costume was courtesy of Aunt Molly also. The next door neighbor brought her grandson over to trick or treat as we were getting ready to go. He is Mae's age. We opened the door and he came right in and made himself at home. In his costume. That was identical to Mae's. As in...the same. exact. costume. Pretty darn cute. Of course - I didn't get a picture.
These were the three pictures I took while attempting to get a "good" one of them in their costumes. Wasn't happening and we were burning daylight.
The Girls came with us, just like last year. Helps us out SO much! This was the first house we went to.
Mae was not shy and knew exactly what to do. Overall it was a fun night. Mae had taken a loooooooong afternoon nap so she got to stay out for the entirety of the evening. After we got home and were getting the girls ready for bed we had some trick or treaters ourselves. Etta helped me hand out candy. One little girl that looked about her age - or maybe even a little younger - said, "Thank you little girl!" after Etta handed her the candy. It was so funny!